Terry Fallis’ statement on the economics of writing


Award-winning author Terry Fallis wrote the essay represented by the link above.

Terry is a successful writer, with multiple best-sellers, TV shows and awards to his credit.

I am a fan of his work. He’s a funny guy, and quite approachable – a good fellow. He’s been in this race for a while. He is not wealthy. He has had other jobs to support his writing.

He writes because he wants to, loves to, needs to.

Go ahead – follow the link.

My favorite quote in Terry’s commentary is from Jack Rabinovitch, the late founder (and funder) of the Giller Prize: “For the price of a dinner in this town (Toronto) you can buy all the nominated books. So, eat at home and buy the books.”

Books are not THAT expensive – depending on how often you eat out.

I don’t write to win prizes – although it would be nice. I write to tell the stories that squirrel around in my head, scratching the inside of my brain trying to get out – most uncomfortable!

I have written bestsellers – although I didn’t know they were important until I read what Terry wrote. And I have a decent body of work: 10 books, not counting 25 years of newspaper and magazine writing. I am quite surprised when I count it all up. So, why am I not wealthy?

Read what Terry Fallis wrote.

If wealth was my aim, I should have followed the advice of my elders back when I was a teenager, and entered another field of endeavour.

It could be worse. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, as many worldly goods as I can handle (that is, as many as I have time to clean and store), and – importantly – lots of loving family and friends.

And a place – and the time – to write.

Me, as a child, scanning the horizon for the pirates brandishing swords in the stories that were in my head.


  1. Thank you, Monica. I enjoyed your reflection on my humble piece. Congrats on all your success as a writer, even if success isn’t measured in dollars! I know what that’s like. Love to come back to Read by the Sea if you ever need to fill a spot. Take care.

    1. Thank you, Terry… Read by the Sea doesn’t invite authors more than once, except for different roles, as in moderator, MC, interviewer, workshop leader, etc. (Fearing we might into the chasm of having our same favorites over and over)
      Please feel free to drop in whenever you are downeast.
      Write on.

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