It’s been a while

I have not updated this website and I apologize – mostly to myself, because I have been paying for its existence all this time and adding no content.

Facebook is so much easier… right?

Well, not really. While Facebook keeps me in touch with a huge number of people, I find it annoying at times.

Reasons? a. – It won’t let me post interesting news articles that I read online, because they are Canadian sources and Facebook must pay to allow the links to stand. This is allegedly to protect Canadian authors and media from sharks all over the world who want to read CBC or whatever for free. The only way I can post a CBC news item is by actually copying it – I think. I haven’t tried it because it amounts to copyright infringement. I don’t like anyone copying my work for free so I’ll be damned if I do it to anyone else.

b. The facebook ads make me crazy. I have elminated all I can, and there are still a lot of ads. And the videos! I can read text faster than a talking head can talk. Plus I have been sucked into watching “what this man does with a yo-yo!” and the like. Torture – because in the end he does nothing with his yo-yo. I’d be better off watching a parliamentary committee.

Facebook is a time-sucker. It goes like this: someone posts, I comment, and I wait for a like or, better, a love! I stay online to read and like other posts until I see that the poster has commented on my comment. Life is good. I am SEEN! Smacks of desperation, right?.

What I do like about Facebook is the kindness people show to each other. Of course, if you are not kind on Facebook, you get called out fast enough. Just try telling a sick person to “suck it up, buttercup.” A firestorm of anger will melt your screen. Nope, better off to say you are sending prayers “to” them… really? If they could answer prayers they wouldn’t be sick in the first place. Pray FOR the ill person, not TO them. And God forbid that anyone should correct them – after all, they truly mean well. If it was my kid, though – I would explain the difference. Maybe. Or just get off facebook.

I have 2 facebook pages – one is supposed to be an author page and the other is a personal page. I use one when I get tired of the other, and then switch again. I am admin for a couple of other pages when the regular admin are away, and I started the page Read Local when I was dirty at the provincial education system for buying American books to place in Canadian schools while ignoring the plethora of good Canadian writing. Read Local is still out there. Every now and again I update it.

The time-sucking aspect of Facebook is the main reason for me to withdraw from it. I have a novel in the works and it’s high time I finished it and move on to other projects waiting in the wings.

Watch for the novel, and a prayer wouldn’t hurt – but, first, follow my Facebook page(s) and take bets on what I do with them.

I might hold a contest to see who guesses correctly – does a free copy of Scotch Willy entice anyone?

You can find me still lurking on Facebook as Monica Graham and/or as Monica E.R. Graham… for now.

I wonder if FB will allow me to post a link to this website? I guess I’ll find out.

You can email me via this site.

Oh… a picture. Hmmmm.

THis is me, in my office in my house.

my dog


  1. You are indeed a busy, busy lady!
    Perhaps a retreat from the world of social media might soothe those irritated and sensitive bits.
    Hope you get it all figured out before I do.

  2. Monica,
    I can’t wait to read Scotch Willie and I feel the same about Facebook. I’m conflicted, I want to be there in case there is something happening in the community happening I’d want to know about, but it does suck you into a vortex of useless, mind numbing material devoid of facts. I will look forward to your next blog post. Take care.

  3. I totally understand where you’re coming from, Monica. And I must admit, I often read your posts without *liking*, *loving*, or commenting. But I do read them and I enjoy your posts. Sometimes they are serious, sometimes witty but mostly interesting. I would miss you on that platform as annoying as it can be!
    PS – I didn’t know you had a website! My bad!

  4. Like you, Monica, I am on the fence about Facebook. Its purpose to me is staying in touch with family and friends. I have to balance that luxury with the useless waste of time dodging ads, offers, updates, markets, links, etc. that double the time spent on the site. I am going to take longer breaks between the times I log in and post, read, and look up, etc. on weekly occasions. Good luck with the book, using time wisely, and fighting uselessness. I hope you are looking forward to less screen time, though I like your posts.

  5. I’ve been back and forth on this issue myself. I dislike the manipulation of the likes and loves and rarely use them anymore. If a post moves me in some direction I will leave a comment. One out of 4or 5 posts on fb are ads, I scroll and scroll to find a friend’s comment.
    I will miss your posts but look forward to your new words, those words free from Facebook and its vortex. All the very best Monica.

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