Time flies

Fall, 2022

Over the past seven months, every time I decided to write a post for this page, I couldn’t summon enough energy to even hunt for the password.

“I’ll do it tomorrow,” I told myself – and wrote it in my day book, aka calendar, for the next day – and the next… and the next…

A sample to-do list: Read by the Sea meeting, beef delivery, call my friend, attend Zoom session on taxes for writers, send business plan to colleagues, finish a grant application, send Zoom link for next meeting, pick up print order, order flowers for Mom’s birthday, send a church schedule to a friend, laundry (with an exclamation mark!), bake banana loaf, write book review, update blog, and.. bring three canvas bags of firewood into the house.

Apparently I didn’t have enough to do that day because I took time to weigh that firewood, out of curiosity – and recorded that one filled bag weighed 50 pounds.

The weather that morning? “Overcast, one degree Celsius, expecting rain. House chilly.”

The record doesn’t include the time I spent every day paralyzed by working on a novel that was since rejected.

I spent seven whole months of accomplishing not much except moving lots of firewood – until the most recent couple of weeks.

Last week I attended Booktoberfest in Halifax – for authors who published during the pandemic. My book was Senior Moment.

I spoke at the Antigonish Heritage Museum about the Fire Spook – because I’d written THE book on it.

Rose Murphy, from CBC Radio, interviewed me about Fire Spook. Here is the link. Have a listen: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/mysterious-haunting-antigonish-county-macdonald-farm-1.6631829

On Sunday, Nov. 20, I will speak about Mary Ellen MacDonald, the teenager at the centre of the 100-year-old legend, as a guest of the Guysborough heritage society. The event begins at 2 pm at the Old Court House Museum in the town of Guysborough. There is a ten-dollar admission charge.

Mary Ellen MacDonald

With three author friends, I sold books yesterday at Jamieson’s Market in Pictou. Waving my flag. Giggling like kids, meeting new people

And, now, it’s Sunday. Tomorrow is Halloween. Already. Time flies.

My next post will be about Hurricane Fiona. Maybe. Stay tuned.


  1. The day at the market certainly flew by with you by my side! So much to do, only a few hours in a day but celebrate how much you’ve accomplished! You are an inspiration and do many things to be proud of, including this well summed up blog post. 🙂

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