Here we go again…


Nova Scotia has just entered a pandemic lockdown – the second since the coronovirus pandemic began wreaking havoc in this area just over a year ago.

For me personally, and immediately, the “close-everything-order” means I had to make new plans to launch my book.

Instead of being in-person, with guests carefully masked, sanitized and counted so we all fit safely in a quaint little country church – to hear me read, hear my friends play music, say hello to each other in person, chat while I autograph the books that people buy…. instead of all that, we will look at each other and listen to each other on the computer screen. Sitting where we’ve sat for hours every day since early last spring..

But – it could be much, much worse.

At the worst, we could have suffered a long time from Covid-19 and then died – after infecting scores of other people around us.

But that didn’t happen -to us. So I am grateful to everyone who sucked it up, did what had to be done, and made the best of it. You kept so many other people safe.

The worst did happen to a lot of folks, and it still is happening.

Surely, the rest of us can endure some inconveniences.

Compared to the effects of Covid, going to the grocery store just once a week is a miniscule problem. The day will come when you’ll be tired of how many trips you make to the store.

Compared to never seeing a loved one again, postponing parties and family dinners is a pittance. Be grateful for the opportunity to plan for a another time. Be grateful for the Internet and telephones.

Compared too being stiff and cold in a grave, not being able to go where you want and do what you want when you want to do it is merely a temporary inconvenience.

If you’re bored, help someone else who has too much to do and no time to be bored. Be a hero.

Washing your hands won’t hurt you. Be a clean-handed hero.

Some people have health issues around wearing a mask, but most of us don’t. So wear a mask even if you don’t like it. Sacrifice your simple likes and dislikes. Be a hero.

Give up something for the greater good. Something like selfishness. Something like convenience. Something like boredom.

plant a garden – you’ll never be bored again.

Covid is not a gift – but the opportunity to do something good for others simply by staying home and doing nothing? A wonderful, fine gift.

You could sort your socks. Dust the shelves or under your bed. Call a lonely friend. Bake cookies. Sit and think! Things you put off because you were too busy.

And – if you want – come to my May 2 virtual launch for Senior Moment. You’ll find it here:

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  1. Beautiful inspiration and insight and puts life especially during a pandemic in perfect balance and perspective.

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