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Here is the cover of my latest book, Senior Moment, which will be released in April.

senior moment

“Part memoir, part cautionary tale, part how-to” is what folks are saying. It is my account of getting my mom moved from her unwieldy old home and into a place where she’d be happy and receive top quality care. It was quite a journey for everyone involved – hence, a book about it!

The looming launch of Senior Moment is the reason my publisher urged me to venture into the jungle of website-building. It’s a learn-as-I-go situation, but just think of all the discarded versions of my posts and pages chopped into little pieces and floating through the ether! Someday we’ll probably be told that trial-and-error is polluting cyberspace – but that’s all I have, so that’s how I must roll. For today, at least.

If this short post makes it to your screen – Hello! Enjoy the offerings here, and feel free to converse with me. Hopefully there will be a button here somewhere you can press. Talk about “senior moments!”


  1. Congratulations on your launch and surviving the process of helping your mother and live to write about it! Kudos to you, Monica!

  2. Well done, Monica!! You did it!! Launched your website and the cover of your book is awesome!! I can see all those little trinkets being displayed at your Mom’s home! Now I’ll just wait to read all about it!!

  3. This is awesome, Monica! The blue background has a very calming effect and I love your smiling face at the top of the page. Can’t wait to read the book, although I am living it at the present time. My sisters and I have been trying to keep notes because, someday, the government may receive a scathing report from us about the deplorable conditions, the red tape, and hoops we all had to jump through to get proper care for our mother. I wish you continued success. 🙂

  4. Way to go Monica, Im very excited to read all about it.You are so talented with your words.Congrats

  5. Congratulations Monica. I like the website, look forward to reading your book, and staying in touch both on your site and FB. Stay well and safe. Write on!!

  6. What a great idea your publisher had. Congratulations! I believe this will help a lot of people.

  7. Looking forward to reading this. My Brother and I have experienced this – from Family home to Senior’s Apartment to Assisted Living and finally to a Nursing home over a 32-year time frame and each move was that much more difficult. Unfortunately, the older she got the harder it was on her (and on us) – never easy. I hope she is doing well and is contented with the move. Is it in Newfoundland (so far away right now).

  8. This is quite timely, as the nation closely examines the quality of long term care across the spectrum, and as we are all taking stock of what we will do when we age and what resources we will require to meet the challenges… With Grace!

  9. Love your new website. The colour is appealing and your great writing skills are evident. Look forward to reading your new publication.

  10. Knew you could do it! Now you can write a book about creating a website about writing books. Whew, what a vortex! Can’t wait until we can laugh about your web-building adventures over a cup of tea, in person in real time.

  11. I love the cloudy blue back ground, so soft to look at as I sip my morning coffee. Your book cover, all the little trappings of a life, made me smile and miss my mother and grandmother. I never went on your journey with my Mum because she left me suddenly, but I’d travel endless miles just to have one more day.

  12. Hey Monica

    Sounds like a very good book I’ll be watching for.

    I’m currently in Halifax helping care for brads mom, who is 87 with dementia. Times are very interesting!

    looking forward to your latest creation and good job with the webpage. You are indeed brave!

  13. Can’t wait to read this book Monica. Keep churning them out! The scary thing is that the cover of the book looks just like my shelves!

  14. Congratulations Monica. Looking forward to reading your new book. Great way to introduce it.

  15. Hi Monica;
    I love the name of your new book. I have a good friend going through the same experience, I bet many people will relate. The website color is calming; I wish my painted clouds looked this good. The book cover reminds me of my Nana’s china cabinet which I have proudly displayed in my den with her Nova Scotia Tartan china and a few new pieces I have added. I love it! It warms the soul. Can’t wait to read your book. Best of luck!!

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